Saturday, February 1, 2014


Drake Underground

1150 Queen Street West

Toronto, ON

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Never Forgive Action

dj dalia

Dalia plays a mashup of funk, soul, hip-hop, r'n'b, house, reggae, retro, pop, nu jazz, bmore, baile funk, electro, broken beat and future boogie- basically whatever's good! Although she plays music from all over the map she is a self proclaimed classic hip hop junkie! She grew up in the golden era and still plays tribute to that time every month at the classic hip hop night Never Forgive Action. Her love of music, especially hip hop, led her to CHRY 105.5fm where she hosted and played on the infamous Best Kept Secret radio show. Today she is the official DJ for shebang! all female breakers and hosts and dj's at 3 regular monthly parties in Toronto: Never Forgive Action, Hip-Hop Karaoke and Where's D'Angelo, as well as random nights around the city. She also wrote the hip hop column, On The Downlow in Tribe magazine back in the 90s for over 5 years. Nowadays, she writes freelance for record labels and Exclaim! Magazine. Watch out this b-girl can also bust a move!

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