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783 College Street

Toronto, Ontario Canada

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mc abdominal

Product of Toronto's Greektown, skateboarding, souvlaki, art, punk rock and hip hop. Professional collabos with DJ's Format, Serious and Fase.

Here's the quick and dirty on some of his work: Abdominal’s raps became a standout feature on Format’s first two full-length releases (Music for the Mature B-Boy and If You can’t Join ‘Em... Beat ‘Em) selling upwards of 65,000 copies in total worldwide, and spinning off into several highly acclaimed international singles and video releases ("The Hit Song", "Vicious Battle Raps", and "3-Feet Deep" featuring fellow Canuck D-Sisive). Abs and Fase hit the road for three years, and from 2003 to 2005 they toured as part of Jurassic 5's European tour, toured with Ugly Duckling, spent a month touring Australia with the Good Vibrations Festival (alongside Lyrics Born and Handsome Boy Modeling School, opened for Roy Ayers, De La Soul and Blackalicious, and rocked the revered stages of the world famous Glastonbury Festival, Leeds Festival and Reading Festival twice...

2007 blessed us with Abs' first solo effort, Escape From The Pigeon Hole ... check it out on iTunes!

... To learn more about Abs, visit his MySpace page, or come give him a pound at the next HHK!

"An Ear-catching, well assembled debut." National Post

"You can tell there's nothing fake about Abdominal. And that's his edge." Now Toronto

"An interesting debut that leaves you wanting more." Echoes

"Fast-paced, lyrically insane record that could well be an early summer anthem for those choosing to break out the BMX instead of the BMW." Blues and Soul

"A cover-to-cover lesson in vocal diversity from a man who attacks his tracks from every angle." Exclaim!

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